lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

where did may go?

ohhhhh where to begin? Last you all heard I was working as a nanny in Taupo. Well, a lot has changed since the beginning of May. I quit said job and started my aimless travels around NZ. I spent two days in Wellington (capital), but other than that I've been on the south island. I've decided to list things:

* I've seen amazing places and met amazing people.

* Winter is starting and I'm a little scared about how I'll survive it.

* I need to get a decent coat and a place to live.

* I'm pretty keen on living in Dunedin, for no other reason than I think it is pretty and wonderful.

* I spent two weeks working on a garlic farm and had the most unexpectedly fun time.

* I've met incredible people while hitch-hiking.

* Everyone has a story to tell.

* When -2º C doesn't seem THAT cold, you know you're acclimatizing.

* I can't weed very well, or very fast.

* I can sell veggies at the market like any of the pros.

* I hate carrying a heavy backpack and get rid of things almost daily. Soon enough I'll have a pretty light pack....and no clothes.

* I absolutely LOVE my kindle.

* I'm pretty content being phone-less. There's something about not feeling the need to always be available.

* My wallet has "Insufficient Funds" stamped on it. It started as a joke, but I think it will soon become a reality.

* I haven't seen any penguins yet. Believe me, you will know when I do.

* I suck at updating my blog. I can't promise I'll be better, I never follow through.

* I wish Mumford & Sons would pay me a visit.

* I like lakes.

* I can't decide whether skydiving is worth the steep price.

* I'm calling it a day.

* I absolutely love you all.