sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012


I don't go out much. Anything putting me in contact with other humans I consider socializing. I might not actually speak to these humans, but them being there, present in my bubble, is somewhat social and therefore, unsettles me.

I find most people obnoxious; them, their behaviour, their speech, whatever, it annoys me. Yet, depending on my mood, it can also amuse me. If I'm bored, I go see people. I use "see" in a literal sense, the way you go see elephants at the zoo. I don't want these people to speak to me, or interact with me in any way, I just want to observe them.

What most people find normal, I find, depending on the mood, either peculiar or plain right absurd. If I'm in a "peculiar" mood, I'll go around being baffled and intrigued by people's day-to-day actions; if I'm in an "absurd" mood, I'll find everyone ridiculous and out of their minds.

None of these thoughts get verbal expression because I was raised with "good manners" and the such, which include taking part in these inane rituals of daily life, and keeping what you actually think bottled up inside.

domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

some people

some people need detailed maps. Some people need detailed plans. Some people need to make decisions. Joseph is one of these people. I am not one of these people. This is why me and Joseph should not travel together. I take pit stops as an opportunity to ponder the possible existence of a secret sweater-wearing mob of kangaroos, he takes them as a chance to further kill my spontaneous spirit by yet again planning something I consider absurdly unnecessary.

J: "What's the plan?"
A: "Drive north"
J: "But where are we going?"

I point north...I don't see the issue, I don't know why anything else needs to be decided

J: "Where should we stop?"
A: "Wherever we feel like it"
J: "That's not a place"
A: "It will be"